Fats are also a big no-no. Butter and margarine can be deceptive but your goal here is to shed a few pounds. Since diabetes type 2 patients are often overweight, they are prone to many diseases. Keeping fit will help them balance their sugar levels and improve their blood sugars. It is important for these diabetics to understand that their days of basking while sipping a cold soda, fruit juice or any other sugary drink in hand are long gone.

Science teaches that sugar in drinks like fruit juices is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The best drink for them would be high-fat milk as the fat slows down the digestion process. Changing your diet and sacrificing the things you love for your health-while it’s not really a sacrifice-can be frustrating at first. That’s why Type 2 Diabetes does not stop you from occasionally enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Although wine and beer are high in sugar, the alcohol content neutralizes the sugar. However, less is more in this case. Indulge moderately. This certainly keeps you sane on your sugar-craving days.

Your health has to come above and beyond anything else while living with type 2 diabetes. You’ve probably spent all your life taking care of work and family but now it’s time to be a little selfish. You can do it - one step at a time. Develop a food plan or an activity plan, either way, it’s important to realize that your choices today determine tomorrow.

Making new choices can be frustrating for anyone with a beating heart. However, the only way to go with Type 2 Diabetes is to stop smoking, reduce the alcohol intake and eat healthy; stay on medication and exercise. It might be hard at first, but I promise you, when you realize what’s at stake - a plate of broccoli has never been more delicious. Change, they say, is as good as a rest.